HEllo my name is...


Bree. I'm twenty-something. I
really love tea, collecting vintage everything, music,
pineapples, and photography.

I discovered photography at 17 years old and have
been hooked ever since developing my first black and white roll
of film. Instead of just 'taking a photo', I try my best to
create art out of you, your wedding, or your family. I strive to
capture the
beauty in everything - whether I see it in chaos or stillness.

As a social wildflower, people and their emotions mean everything to me.
Love means everything to me.
You mean everything to me

No matter how young or old. And this is why I truly mean it when I say that I would love to meet you and capture you so you can remember these moments that are happening right now in your life. Photos are really important - don't forget about them or put them off.

I would love to meet you - so lets go somewhere rad & adventure together.