My Month In Pictures: July

Well, this month was good. Husby and I hit off Canada day by spending it in Whislter. I cannot believe I'd never been before! My love for BC obviously grew immensely... If you've never been - go. Even if it's just for the cultural experience. 
My friend Jenni and I then took a quick overnight trip to Portland (and a stop in Seattle)... Although it was BEYOND tiring (except exciting because we had the Jeep and drove with the top down the entire ride which resulted in a wicked sunburn and my  being convinced that I'd have leathery skin forever at the ripe age of 21) so much good came out of it which I will happily share soon (BIG changes coming!). One of those changes is that  Velvet Moon Photography will now be known as me, Bree Mader. Although it saddens me and I am SUPER attached to VMP... the time has come to grow into the simplicity that is just a name. 
Anyways, my bff Larissa and I ALSO announced that we are putting on another vintage market at Sky Helicopters this November (28th to be exact) --> . We are OVER THE MOON excited. It will be awesome and you CAN'T miss out.. 
I've started dabling in calligraphy. 
I bought myself a cruiser and I can ride for hours with a perma-smile on my face. 

LOVE YOU. Hope your July was lovely. 
What were YOU up to!?